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Each wine attorney from our wine law practice represents wineries, vineyards, and related businesses with regard to land use, real estate, development, licensing, compliance and other issues related to the wine industry. Our wine lawyers can handle litigation and are well versed with all wine laws, including wine shipping laws. We can assist you with the preparation and filing of beverage license and permit applications at the state and federal levels. We can provide the excellent legal services you require for the manufacture, sale and import/export of wine products. Let us help you.

Wine Laws: Wine Shipping Laws & Wine Fraud

The laws addressing the many topics of production and sale of wine are referred to generally as wine laws. One purpose of such legislation is to combat wine fraud. A good wine attorney is able to provide more information about this as well as other main regulations like the wine shipping laws. Together, all these laws are for uniform labeling practices, protecting designations of origin, and classification of wine. They are also for the regulation of allowed additives and processes throughout the wine industry — winemaking as well as viticulture.

Our experienced wine lawyers know that the laws are constantly changing. Liquor liability — liability arising out of the manufacture, distribution or sale of liquor — is just one of the many potential issues. Because of the myriad legal matters related to the wine industry, legal representation has to be very educated. Conflicts occur because of old liquor laws, for example. The differences between small wineries, large wineries, and conglomerates often feature in litigation and other issues.

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We can provide a wine attorney from this legal office who understands how to help wineries, vineyards and other businesses in the wine industry. We have wine lawyers here who are well aware of the fact that the wine industry is filled with complicated legal topics. We have the experience with the wine laws that you need. For a consultation contact our wine law firm today. Are you looking for more information about wine shipping laws? The complete knowledge base we possess gives us the ability to provide the legal counsel you must have. We know the legal issues affecting the wine industry. Let us support your needs.