My Practice

I offer both coaching and counseling work to individuals and couples by phone or Zoom.

In my coaching practice, I  help clients navigate challenging transitions in their lives, deal with health related issues and build new careers and businesses.  Having dealt with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) for many years, I've developed a wide knowledge of coping stategies and a deep compassion for those afflicted with chronic illness.


With my counseling work I offer clients an opportunity to experience a greater sense of wholeness by coming to more fully know their own inherent goodness. By deeply trusting the intelligence of my clients' process, I help to bring this intelligence to light through inquiry, somatic awareness, and essential mirroring.


For clients who are interested in using their life experience to become more self-aware, I endeavor to offer a quality of listening and presence that creates emotional safety, permission to be vulnerable, and support for breaking through limiting belief systems to create lasting change. 



"William is an empowering facilitator and guide for men and women who have lost their way, feel stuck or find themselves in transition. His own life journey has included a rigorous curriculum resulting in the realization that suffering arises whenever we feel we are not in control. He personally has learned to plan for the unexpected, walk the less-traveled route when called, and surrender to the inner dictates of his own heart. Because he has walked this path, he knows not so much the direction but the environment within which true direction can be found. He creates this environment by providing a safe, grounded atmosphere where clients can feel free to roam their inner terrain without inhibition.William is soft spoken but powerful; contemplative, yet available; and settled while inviting expanded states of consciousness. I whole-heartedly recommend William as an inner wilderness guide for others."


-Jett Psaris, author of Undefended Love and Taking the Midlife Leap, One Step at a Time


"William embodies all of the critical qualities of a great counselor: presence; attunement and deep listening; a clear, strong mind; skill at navigating the waters of the psyche; and a ton of compassion. In addition, he's a fierce-yet-gentle coach, offering alternative viewpoints and clear reflections to his clients, as well as keeping them accountable with their goals. If you want the best of both worlds, I highly recommend you work with William."                                                                                                                                                                                    

-Jim Benson, PCC, men's sex and relationship coach 

"Thank goodness for William! As a therapist, I am very judicious when making referrals to coaches -- I want to be sure they will have a quality experience that serves as a fruitful compliment to the therapy. When I refer my patients to William, I know that they will receive excellent coaching that is psychologically astute, uniquely intelligent, highly productive and deeply heart-centered. I have also experienced William as both capable and willing to collaborate with me so that together we are keeping the client's best interests in mind. I strongly recommend William as a guide and a coach, and don't hesitate to share his name."


-Jessica Wolk, MFT


"Wise, warm, grounded.  William is uniquely gifted as a coach.  On the one hand, he is strong, rooted, grounded, with a profoundly calm and steady presence, allowing clients to feel held and supported as we unearth the depths inside of us that want to be seen and known.  On the other hand, he is profoundly heart-centered, warm, and welcoming, reminding us that compassion is our birthright, and gently welcoming forward all the pieces of us that don’t believe they deserve belonging, acknowledgement, and acceptance.   He is, essentially, a miracle worker, offering a solid foundation to hold and welcome us as we are, while compassionately luring our most long-awaited healing and deep-seeded potentials to emerge.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking meaningful change in the areas of life that challenge us most." 


-Marina Smerling, Shameless Heart Coach


"William is warmhearted, firm and deeply wise. Working with him the past two years has been a blessing and a clear catalyst for change and self-acceptance in my life. I strongly recommend experiencing his work and many gifts."

-Jordan Parker, Financial Advisor


"I had had a very tough month, working long shifts with no brakes and absolutely no structure. I needed to take a step back and breathe. I had no plans for any socializing because work consumed all my energy. I needed a change but I had nowhere to start. Then I remembered William. He has a very calming energy and a coaching style which is motivating and transforms stillness into action. My sessions with William were constructive and insightful. I have literally put what we had talked about into practice and the results were immediate. My hardest thing to do is not to work overtime so I can have a little time for refreshing up for the next long day. William taught me how to step back and slow down, bring my thoughts into the present in order to notice what is that I need in the moment to be well and most importantly  I learned  to be at least one step ahead of my schedule which helps me make room for a life. Thank you,William!"


-Attila Bodo Vass


"I worked with William for 3 months and I have to say that his coaching helped me achieve a new level of self-understanding and even self-compassion.  I came to him wanting to better understand my relationship with my partner and left with more than I bargained for.  I am truly grateful to have been coached by a man with such wisdom and experience around creating and maintaining healthy, happy, and powerfully intimate relationships.  My partner is very grateful for his work with me as well.  I was impressed with how he was able to handle any number of things I brought up during our sessions; from relationships and sex to improving physical health, handling sensitive work issues, and even around professional negotiation strategies.  William is an exceptional coach and I will definitely recommend him to my friends looking for coaching, guidance, and help in life, and especially to other young men like myself."